Learn from those
who have done a lot of swimming

In the autumn of 2013 the creators of
International Running School I LOVE RUNNING launched new amazing
project – I LOVE SWIMMING.

In the autumn of 2016 we have opened International Swimming School
I LOVE SWIMMING here in Dubai. Do you want to learn
how to swim or improve your technique
and performance? Cool! Come and join us!

  • 4 weeks of intensive
    swimming trainings

  • 12 training sessions
    with professional coach + final heat

  • like-minded people

  • medical support

  • team support

Goals and timeframes

  • We offer you to reach the goal «Swim your best distance»

    Research studies have shown that people who set the clear objective achieve it as of 80% more often than those who do not state their goals clearly.

    You can go to the swimming pool for years
    (same as learing a foreign language) and, thus,
    don't be able to swim. At the same time it is possible
    to achieve outstanding results in a very short time!

  • We set the
    clear timeframe –
    4 weeks

    A month is a unique period – on the one hand, this is a sufficient time to make a great leap in the swimming, to see a significant shift.

    On the other hand – it is a period that is easy to keep in mind – it sounds not like "I will learn hom to swim someday", not like "in 2018", but already in 4 weeks!

    A month of intense and goal focused trainings is often more effective than lasting but infrequent sessions.

I LOVE SWIMMING – is the opportunity to set and reach the exact goal!

Levels and groups

For the most effective trainings we are forming the small groups which are up to 8 people.
This size of a group allows the coach to pay attention to each student while students training more effectively when not alone.

level #1

Beginners who are just starting
to learn the swimming technique.

Training sessions are held in the swimming pools: Al Nasr Swimming Club (Oud Metha Metro Station) and Mashael Building (Barsha Heights)

Trainings in these groups are more focused on the gliding, body position in water, feeling of water, balance and breathing. These are the basics on which to build the swimming technique. This is the amount of knowledge and experience that professional swimmers usually get in the childhood. However for us, amateurs, there is a need of some practice time in the adulthood :)

Бассейн Университета Путей Сообщения, ст. м. "Горьковская" – Кронверкский пр. 9 Б

Вторник – 21:30, четврег – 21:30, суббота – 9:30. 

Понедельник – 7:00, среда – 7:00, суббота 8:45. 

level #2

For those who are already swimming
but not very fast and not for very long.

Training sessions are held in the swimming pools: Al Nasr Swimming Club (Oud Metha Metro Station) and Mashael Building (Barsha Heights)

The main focus in these groups is on improving the swimming technique! Investing time and efforts in an efficient swimming technique is the best choice at this stage. In addition, the volume of trainings starts to increase compared to the Level #1.




level #3

Swimmers who has already passed Level #2
but want to continue to improve speed and technique.

Training sessions are held in the swimming pools: Hamdan Sports Complex (opp. Global Village, Emirates Rd)

Want to train like Michael Phelps? Want to finish in the first group of the triathlon race? You've come to the right place. Level #3 - is the trainings with clear tasks, modes, intervals and other interesting things :) This level is suitable for those who swims long distances confidently and faster than 2min/100m.




Coaches crew

Our coaches are our pride!
Coaches crew at I LOVE SWIMMING consists of the most experienced professionals in swimming.

Dmitriy Firsov

Multiple champion of Ukraine in triathlon. Specialist in nutrition, rehabilitation and massage. Coaching experience - 4 years.

Level 123

Judit Spiegl

Professional triathlete. 7 times full Ironman finisher, personal best 10:22:36. Diploma of Physical Education teacher.

Level 123


Training plan is structured in such a way that each and every session is important.
At every session you will be working on a few elements; the transition to mastering the next element takes place only after thoroughly study of the previous one. Gathering all the elements together you get a beautiful and effective swimming with the front crawl! Consistency is very important in the training process so it is better not to miss any session :)


training sessions
with a coach

weeks of

& Conditioning Exercises

One month and you have THREE training sessions every week under the guidance of a coach. This frequency of sessions allows you to accumulate training effect and progress very quickly!

Short time at a first glance. But 28 days is more than enough for getting a new, even complex skill. After going through a series of precise training lessons you will learn how to swim and MAKE A BREAKTHROUGH IN SWIMMING!

In addition to the swimming sessions there is a program of Strength & Conditioning exercises that you can (and you should! :)) do at home, in the morning or in the evening. It does not require any additional equipment.


I LOVE SWIMMING is an opportunity to expand your social circle,
meet new amazing people with similar views and interests.

  Energetic breakfast

  Team support

Energetic breakfast is our signature event,
when all of us can meet each other
without swim caps and goggles and chat
over the cup of tea or coffee.

Regular emails with training plans, homework, and interesting information about swimming.

Encouraging messages in the morning.

Closed Facebook group to communicate with other students and coaches.

and much much more.

Medical support

DR HARRIS ZOURELIDIS - specialist in sports injuries, pathologies of the knee and shoulder joints.

With the support of our medical partner DBAJ you can be sure about your health state!

At I LOVE SWIMMING we are not only careful about the health but also about the medical knowledge!

«I have enjoyed my teaching experience and would be delighted to maintain a teaching role at I LOVE SWIMMING Dubai.» - Dr Harris Zourelidis

Student starter pack

At the start of the training process each student gets a branded swimming cap and gear bag I LOVE SWIMMING!

How we made it

I LOVE SWIMMING is an opportunity to expand your social circle, meet new amazing people with similar views and interests.

  • Neil CABRAL
    Level #1

    Team ILS has simplified freestyle into a few easy steps that can be mastered by anyone. Never thought that minor corrections in form and position can make such a huge difference to my swim. Coach Dmitriy Firsov does a great job of reinforcing basics and correcting old habits! I Love Swimming Dubai follows a goal based training for each level which is an excellent approach for focus and motivation. If you would like to learn from a team of committed professionals, this is the right place!

  • Kristina PAPALIYEVA
    Level #1

    1 month ago I was scared to put my face under the water, never owned goggles neither swimming cap. I managed to swim 500m using the best techniques and tips taught by fantastic coach Dmitriy from I LOVE SWIMMING Dubai! Thank you coach and team for organizing such a fantastic final swim, I am absolutely impressed! I felt like I participated in Rio 2016 Olympics but not like it was my first swimming exam! I could hear encouraging words non-stop around me while swimming, support team was everywhere in the pool to push us, posters, numbers, medals, certificates, ceremony... it feels great!!! I am super excited and now ready not to climb mountains but to move them too.

  • Sabrina UZCATEGUI
    Level #2

    The trainings with I Love Swimming Dubai were amazing! Dima, the coach, is excellent, he pays so much attention to very small details that make a huge difference to your swimming with the proper technique. In one month I could clearly see the improvement of my swim. It was the first program with ILS but it was not the last, I'm definitely coming back!


November 2017

register for a new group

1350 AED*
Cost of the trainings including the pool rental


*Only payment guarantees a place in the group.

Personal trainings

250 AED*
Cost of the trainings, pool rental is not included

*Discounts apply when you buy a pack of sessions or if you are a student at our group. Regarding time and place please call +971 4 554 3234 or email us at


Your level L1

Try again


Let's define
your level

How fast do you swim 200M in the swimming pool?



How to identify
your level of swimming?

What is your goal for these 4 weeks of the program?




Personal details

Choose your group.

Level #1

beginners who are just starting to learn the swimming technique (those who don't swim 500m with the front crawl).

  • Group 1. Mon, Wed, Sat - 6.00-7.00am

    Coach: Judit - Barsha Heights

  • Group 2. Mon, Thu, Sat - 8.30-9.30pm

    Coach: Judit - Al Nasr

  • Group 3. Tue, Thu, Sat - 7.30-8.30pm

    Coach: Dima - Barsha Heights

Level #2

for those who are swimming already but not very fast and not for very long (can swim 500m with the front crawl, have a technique).

  • Group 1. Tue, Thu, Sat - 8.30-9.30pm

    Coach: Dima - Barsha Heights

Level #3

swimmers who has already passed Level #2 or considered to be intermediate+ swimmers but want to continue to improve speed and technique (preparation for long races). Regular swimming training sessions, 1.5h each.

  • Group 1. Sun 6.00-7.30am, Tue 8.15-9.45pm

    Coach: Judit - Hamdan

    - Book a free trial!
Identify your level

Program presentation will be help on November 29 at 7pm in our office: office 104, Mazaya Business Avenue BB2, JLT, Dubai. It is a good opportunity to meet our team, your future coach and ask any questions left!

If you missed the presentation, the suitable group for you is already closed or you can't identify your level of swimming, - contact us via or call 04 554 3234 and we will find the convenient option.

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